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Multifamily opportunities 

IDN seeks to provide attractive, risk adjusted returns to investors by acquiring apartment communities to which the company can add value.   

IDN focuses on various multifamily asset classes throughout the real estate cycle:

  • Core-Plus
  • Opportunistic
  • Value Add

IDN develops new multifamily housing products utilizing government funding. This asset class typically has a longer investment horizon. 

Alternative Investments

Private money lending offers consistent and attractive returns to smart investors. It's a great opportunity to gain exposure to real estate assets and build a well-diversified portfolio. A substantial portion of our team's own money is invested beside our investors'.  

Key features

  • Targeted annual returns of 10-15% 
  • 6 to 24-month investment hold 
  • Returns distributed monthly 
  • Investments secured by real estate 
  • Exposure to real estate without management hassles


Land for development

We build new construction

We plan housing projects on selected land that we optimize for highest and best use. 

Residential Renovations

We do smart renovations

We buy and renovate investment properties.

Repositioning multifamily

We add value

We reposition multifamily and increase their profitability and value. 


Unlock the benefits of owning rental properties

for as little as $30,000.

You can invest directly in a portfolio of properties that generates consistent cash flow. 

Why do it yourself unless you have to? 

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