IDN Real Estate is a privately held investment management firm.

We concentrate our acquisitions and developments in multifamily assets and aim to create investment projects of value.


Our investors have the opportunity to create an investment portfolio within this asset class.

Our goal is to create positive social and environmental impacts  in the projects we are involved with.


IDN Investment Group is a family-owned business located in Orlando, Florida.

The name IDN is derived from a French word "Idoine" (pronounced 'e-dwan') which means "fit the purpose".

Each member within the IDN Investment Group is committed to excellence. We ensure every project that is delivered meets the purpose it was designed for.

We have a combined wealth of experience in residential, commercial investment, asset management and project management.


We believe in providing socially  responsible investment and development solutions. 

 We ensure that our investments support the health, wellbeing and growth of our communities.

We endeavor to make our work sustainable by incorporating environmental solutions into our designs. 

We effectively select our partners to serve our communities.


We value integrity and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. 

We encourage creative thinking guided by the desire to produce work of the highest quality. 

We are careful to nurture and respect the talents, time and resources of ourselves and others. 

We are committed to being adaptable to change and to be innovative.

We seek "win-win" solutions and we want everyone we work with to be successful.


  • Multifamily 

  • Student Housing 

  • Senior Housing   
  • Supportive Housing
  • Workforce and Affordable Housing 
  • Mobile Home Communities

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